About me

Feb 28th, 2013 – I’m a daydreamer who love to travel. I was born as an Indonesian. I have been a Catholic all my life, was baptized when I was one month old. I decided to quit my job and leave behind the corporate world last year, doing some of these some of those. Finally found the time to join evangelization course at my church and struggling to be a better person. I’ve been living a wonderfully blessed life, some time I just couldn’t help to stop my tears when I thought of God’s love in my life.

Why am I writing in English? Well, I am a very introvert person. Being expressive is one of my weaknesses. Oddly though, I found it easier for me to open up in English. Probably….because I feel like someone else? I will have some sections in Indonesian though. I have a dream to upload a daily bible reading, hopefully one day, I will have the discipline to update this blog everyday.



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