The Producers (Korean Drama)

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It’s only two episodes, so it’s too early to say anything and this post is not about the episodes review anyway so just skip this if you are looking for review. This is just one of the scrambling thoughts going through my mind after two episodes of watching the most anticipated “The Producers“.

First from the cast alone: Kim Soo Hyun as the awkward new PD Rookie Baek Seung Chang, IU as Cindy (the singer diva), and Gong Hye Jin as Music Bank PD.  Daebak. O..there is Cha Tae Hyun.

Second from the concept: it was filmed in a way that send out a feeling we are watching Behind the Scenes of everyday Producers’ life in KBS. Not common.

First episode: Are we putting too much expectation from this drama? I can see a great awkward acting from Kim Soo Hyun, but really, kind of boring. I just hope it will not be another “Behind the Camera” (movie). I could not finish that one.

Second episode:  Oddly funny. Especially Kim Jong Kook cut starting from min 17 onward. There is a feeling that it’s real in a way, so I can really feel what a hard day the casts had during the second episodes. To describe the second episde: “Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

I am not a fan of any of the casts but the acting, the concept, and the script, it really does show some promises. Let’s wait and see.

Third n Fourth Episode : Well, this is quite boring. I need do some fast forwarding. But there are some hilarious scenes. Two very hilarious scenes both are involving JYP.  I still smile when I remembered the scenes while doing my chores.

Episode 5: Getting interesting and more serious. Confirmed, will watch this til the end. No more update.


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