Happy Virus : Suzy Bae

Though Suzy is so popular, I have never watched her previously, not until the most talk about relationship between Suzy and Lee Min Ho broke out. Then I started to watch her worked, just curious and no KDrama series that I like around the time.

1. Dream High – Loved it. It’s a 2010 KDrama. I do not really like teenage drama so this was not in my bucket list of movies, but this one is something not to be missed. The list of players are awesome. Taecyeon, Kim Soo Hyun, Suzy, IU and of course Uhm Ki-Joon. The only thing that I don’t like is the ending. Sometimes it is better just to leave the story as it is. No conclusion needed.

2. Gu Family Book. This is the fourth historical drama that I can finish. The other 3 was Dae Jang Geum, The Princess’ Man, and Goddess of Fire. This was also not in my lists to watch originally. First, it is historical drama. Second, it is about a mythical creatures. Oo..no no. But I really curious about Suzy and now I can see why Suzy was nominated as National’s First Love. She is that adorable.

3. Big. There are 2 reasons why I watch a drama. One is because of the actors and another one because of the synopsis.  An 18 year old trapped in a 30 year old body? I watch this definitely because of Suzy. Though I finally keep watching for Gong Yoon up until ep. 12. Episode 12 to the end, the story was not to my liking, and it felt tiring, luckily Suzy lighten up the episodes. Among those 3 above, this will be my least favourite.

I still have Architecture 101 in my list.

Some of Suzy’s variety show links below.

Healing Camp Ep. 101 – Suzy just loves smiling, and it really is spreading. She hoped to bring a happy virus wherever she goes, I hope you do that Suzy Bae.

Star Date – Besides National’s First Love, Suzy wants to be National Endorphins. Suzy, i think you really are ^^.

Happy Together 25 April 2015 – this one was taped 2 weeks after the relationships news became hot topic of the net. I hardly can finish watching Happy Together, but this episode is worth watching. Though first I want to watch because of Suzy, but all the other guests (Jessi, Seo Woo, Yoo Seung Ok) in this episode are also entertaining, especially chef Choi Hyunseok (need to see some of his shows later on).

Running Man ep. 208 – I do like Running Man and love Suzy Bae, but this one is just so so. I’ve seen many more entertaining Running Man episodes. I did some fast forwarding while watching. From the beginning to end, the hula hoop competition is quite entertaining.

To close this post: “Suzy, Fighting! I’m going to cheer you from the side and looking forward to see you spreading happy virus around the world”

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