The World That They Live In : personal favourite of Hyun Bin

Currently watching the ongoing Hyun Bin’s Kdrama in “Hyde, Jeckyll, and Me” made me revisited some of Hyun Bin’s previous work. Hyun Bin had his moments of fame during “My name is Kim Sam Soon” or “Secret Garden”. Though watched both series in the past, he was not in my “to watch” list just yet.

The World That They Live In” is Hyun Bin’s drama in between those two that I have not watched until recently (though it was a 2008 production). Rating wise, it was not impressive and there was time that I was tempted not to finish but I’m glad that I watched this through the end. Hyun Bin is definitely in my radar now.

The story is against typical K-drama in general and the actors are what made this drama worth watching. Though I am not familiar with most of the supporting actors’ names, but most of them I’ve seen in other Kdrama.

The story is about 2 KDrama PD. Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin. They used to date for a short time few years back. Before they broke up for a reason that they are not really sure about. They get back together when both of their relationship with their other partners end.

Song Hye Kyo is always adorable. Across her portfolio, she can be cute and mature, strong or fragile, she can make people laugh or cry. She can believably pass as a 17 years old and a 33 years old in the same movie “My Brilliant Life“. However, definitely the Song Hye Kyo image that I like is the happy one. The one in “Full House” and the one in this series. A new and ambitious young director, Joo Joon Young (Song Hye Kyo) only cares about how to get the job done. Rather lacking in her personal skills she slowly improve her human interactions skills throughout the series.

Jung Ji Oh (Hyun Bin) in contrary is a loveable PD. Everyone would love to work with him. He cares about his actors, good friend with his bosses, someone who maintain balance in the working place. He knows how to read people gestures, and try to make the situation better for everyone. But he is not perfect. Raised in a poor family, he experienced self esteem problems during the relationship with Joo Joon Young. How he struggle and evolve is something worth watching.

Yoon Young (Bae Jong Ok) is someone who definitely earns my utmost respect here. She made acting seems effortless and definitely makes those short hair cut looks fashionable.

Song Gyu Ho (Uhm Ki Joon) is also worth mentioning. Being a total ass genius director, he has his own struggle.

To sum up, this Drama probably not everyone’s favourite (I start the drama with the thought: What’s up with that hair Hyun Bin?) but definitely this is my favourite of Hyun Bin.


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