Positif! Nada untuk Asa

Finally, I have finished reading my first book in 2015. I don’t have fancy goals, only 12 books this year. Hopefully I can finish 12 or more *crossing finger*. Last year, I started few books, mostly stopped before finish.

The first book that I read this year is an Indonesian novel titled : “Positif! Nada untuk Asa”. The book is about struggles from 2 HIV infected women. I bought this book for charity, at the time of the selling, the money raised through the book selling will be used as part of the St. Carolus Hospital renovation fund. It was put in the book shelf for months, before I saw that the book will become a movie soon. So, I put my mind to read it before the movie is released (planning to watch the movie).

I was expecting a heavy novel with emotionally tiring journey (review from friends: need to prepare tissue before reading it). Turned out the novel was not as heavy as I thought it was going to be. It only talks about 2 big periods of these two people lives. When first starting, I feel like I’m reading Dee’s book ( I don’t read so many books so pardon my comparison) but the whole book in general is not as comparable with Dee’s Perahu Kertas (one of the book that I managed to finish last year).

The book is light although not as descriptive as expected, quite a touching story, and do have some good reminders for all us. At least for me, a reminder about how to treat other people and to cherish my own family whilst there is still time. Although not as mind blowing as I thought it was going to be, but this is a good start. And I’m still looking forward for the upcoming movie in Feb 2015 (whilst reading review on the theatrical performance, I think there is possibility the movie will bring this book to a more positive level).

Some reviews on the movie and performance:





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