Ellie Kim’s Bag (Fated to Love You)

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 9.11.12 AM

Accidentally found the real “Ellie Kim’s bag”. Why I did not see it when I visited Korea. Is it new? Or I’m just another victim of trend follower, hahahaha…..whichever, just seeing these bags already make me happy. Somone, please buy me one ^^

Visit http://www.youkshimwon.com for detail store locations.


16 responses to “Ellie Kim’s Bag (Fated to Love You)

  1. yeah, I randomly here because search ellie bag, and guess what, when I visit the page that you suggested, OMG my eyes wide open, bammmm… very expensive bag… just for tote bag, it cost $300, mommy… buy me one…

  2. The webset above not able to open it??? Please help… Real love your art work …would like to get some…thank u ❤

  3. really need to have ellie kim bag… but the price so expensive 😥 … hope someday can get one

  4. when i was in Bristol (UK), i found a bag shop selling these bags, i was sooo confused because i knew the paintings were from the kdrama xD not sure how much they were but they definitely werent $300 maybe not even £30

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