Weekly Photo Challenge : Endurance (Great Wall of China)


For this Weekly Photo Challenge, I suddenly remember this picture from my trip years back in China (the time when I have no digital camera, yes…that long ago).

Se Ma Tai Great Wall to be exact. A crazy guy, his name I don’t even remember, accompany us to go to Sematai. We rented a car, took off very early, around 12 or 2 am, arriving around 5 am. We went to the site that had no guard and not yet conserved. We slowly walked, sometimes crawled on this untouched part of Great Wall. Definitely no point of return (since we only had one guide – that crazy guy that had done this multiple times). Keep walking, crawling, sometimes even climbing, until around 12 pm. Definitely no toilets around (you cannot imagine my suffering, walking with a stomachache).

However looking back, it was one of my best memories that I won’t ever forget.

At the end of the day we can endure much more than we think we can – Frida Kahlo


3 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge : Endurance (Great Wall of China)

    • Sematai is slightly farther away from Beijing compared with Mutianyu or Badaling Great Wall. If someday I’ll go back to Sematai, I might not find this part also, since I lost contact with my guide.

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