SBS Roommate – KPop meets KDrama

I just love this new variety show. First I watched it because of Lee Dong Wook. I watched him in “Hotel King” accidentally and it is also one of the shows that I am looking forward every week.

Turns out, the Roommate variety show is quite funny. I only know Lee Dong Wook, Hong Soo Hyun (loved her in The Princess’ Man), Seo Kang Joon (just finished watching him in Sly and Single Again) when I started watching since I’m not following the KPOP. But now I am quite attached with Park Bom (2NE1 member) who some times speaks alien language since she grew up in the U.S. and Song Ga Yeon, the martial art athlete. Although Chan Yeol (EXO member) is quite an amazing singer and musician.

The show is about 11 celebrities, living in one house together. Probably Big Brother meets We Got Married? Up to Episode 3, no big arguments or dislike among the celebrities but the show is so entertaining to watch. My favourite episode up to the third episode is Episode 3 : Lee Dong Wook lip sync “Frozen : Love is an open door” and Seo Kang Joon & Park Min Woo bromance.

Watching this has opened my eyes what a heavy job an entertainer has. Park Bom and Song Ga Yeon have never been to Samcheongdong, while I who visited Seoul only 2 weeks has been there. Argh, cannot wait for episode 4…….



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