Dokushin Kizoku (Aristocratic Bachelor)


Dokushin Kizoku (A Swinging Single) is a JDrama that I just watched recently. 2014 seems a promising year for my drama adventures ^^. My second review of the JDrama.

One thing that I like about JDrama is because it has a fast storyline in comparison with KDrama or TDrama, only 11 episodes. This one in particular is aromantic comedy, just the right genre for me. The storyline is about two brothers, one chooses to be single and the other one is in the process of a divorce. Two very different personalities whom fall for the same girl.

The main character undergoes a dilemma of whether to marry someone you feel head over heels or to marry someone you calmly thoroughly decide to marry. Since this is a JDrama, you’ll never know how the ending is going to be, I guess that’s why I stick to the last episode, because I want to know.

It took me many attempts to remember the title since I’ve never learned Japanese. I always search Keiko (the actress name) and go from there.  So anyone who experience the same problem as me, can just go to this link and bookmark it ^^

Should you watch? Yes.


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