Lesson Learnt from KDrama 2013 : Managing Expectation


This is my KDrama review for after April 2013 (some of them are not 2013 series but I just happened to watch them in 2013). No Spoilers (hopefully).

I think dramas and movies is about preference. See if your preference is similar to mine here. Don’t expect too much, I’m not a good reviewer. I’m just listing down the list of KDrama that I watched for my future reference.

1. Good Doctor (20 episodes)

My reason to watch : Moon Chae Won (yes, I’m a fan)

Result : Moon Chae Won is definitely giving a great act, as always. She speaks through her eyes, all the little things that she does make me drawn into her character. Unfortunately the story itself has ups and downs. Very exciting during the first few episodes, since its setting is rather different than the usual KDrama themes that I usually watch. After few episodes, the story pattern is getting predictable and I am not eagerly waiting for the episodes. It somewhat becoming exciting again in the middle (episodes 11 and few episodes after, due to……*no spoiler* ) and falling apart again at the last few episodes.

Should you watch? If you are a fan of Moon Chae Won and Joo Won, please watch. Great acting. Though this series is not one of my favourites of Moon Chae Won’s. Joo Sang Wook is also so cool here.

2. I Can Hear Your Voice (18 episodes)

My reason to watch : Lee Bo Young (like her even more after seeing her in variety shows such as Happy Together, Running Man and Star Date).

Result : Very interesting up to about episode 10 when personally I think it has reach its peak. But again, this is personal opinion. The rating for I Can Hear Your Voice is getting better after episode 11 onwards. Lee Bo Young is  likeable in this series. However, I’m not a big fan of Nuna – DongSaeng relationship.

Should you watch? It offers a different theme (someone who can hear what other people think) and some episodes are very funny. I put this in my list to watch (bottom part).

3. Goddess of Fire (32 episodes)

My reason to watch : Lee Sang Yoon. After seeing him in My Daughter Seo Young, I am a fan. Although interestingly, unlike Lee Bo Young, his leading lady in My Daughter Seo Young, I like him in more in a drama (due to his character) rather than him outside of the drama. Lee Bo Young on the other hand, more interesting as a person rather than her character.

Result : I can only finish 3 historical series and this is one of them, the other two are Jewel in The Palace/ Dae Jang Geum and The Princess’ Man. Since the episode when the young prince fell into the hole and meet with the young future ceramist Jung Yi, I definitely hook to this series. The rating itself is not as good as I Can Hear Your Voice or Good Doctor, but I like this one better. The story patterns are varies and it keeps me wondering. Moon Geun Young acting is effortless as usual though I like her the best in Cheongdamdong Alice.

Should you watch? Hm….I will let you decide, I have no regret, but this is 32 episodes….^^

4. The Master’s Sun (17 episodes)

My reason to watch : No 1 in popular section in gooddrama.net. I was hesitant at first since I definitely do not like horror movie, but a friend told me it’s not scary.

Result : Daebak. Awesome. Funny and unpredictable. A story about a woman who can see spirit. The only time the spirit gone is when she touch this guy. So she hang unto him. He is on the other hand is so cold, not able to forget his first love. The ending is also delivered nicely with the last two episodes prepared to wrap up the series after the climax.

Should you watch : Definitely Yes

5. The Heirs (20 episodes)

My reason to watch : No 2 in popular section in gooddrama.net. And everyone I know who like KDrama are watching it.

Result: the story is okay but Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye are just two gorgeous creatures. Easy to follow and can take your problems away.

Should you watch : Yes.

6. Marry Him if you Dare (16 episodes)

My reason to watch : watching the 1st episode on TV and just want to know how it ends.

Result: Not a big fan. Just ok. Don’t know what to review.

Should you watch : mmm….only if you have finished all that you want to watch although I managed to finish watching the whole series so it’s supposedly ok.

7. The Greatest Love (2011 – 16 episodes)

My reason to watch : After watching The Master’s Sun, I was looking through Gong Hyo Jin past works and this series’ synopsis seems to be in line with my typical theme.

Result : Loved it. Funny.

Should you watch : Yes

8. Personal Preference (2010 – 16 episodes)

My reason to watch : After watching The Heirs, I was trying to see other Lee Min Ho dramas that I have not watched.

Result : A story about someone who pretends to be gay in order to be able to live together in a mysterious house – sounds like my kind of movie. Loved it. Lee Min Ho. Lee Min Ho (-*_*-)

Should you watch : Yes

9. Heartstrings (2011 – 15 episodes)

My reason to watch : After watching Marry Him if You Dare, I looked up Jung Yong Hwa and can only find 3 movies and this is one of them.

Result : Awesome songs, I like CNBlue after watching this series. Followed up this series with Variety Show : I Got Married Goguma Couple and it turn me into SNSD and CNBlue fan (not hardcore but a fan)….^^

Should you watch : Yes

Just to summarised, the two most anticipated series that I watch turn out to be ok, not as wow as i expected (no 1 & 2) whilst the series that I watched just because i was looking for some good movies turn out to be fun to watch so it’s important to manage expectation before watching. Hopefully I have managed your expectation on how a lousy reviewer I am.

See you on 2014 review (on going – Prime Minister & I , My Guy from another Star).



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