Weekly Photo Challenge : Window


Reading this week Weekly Photo Challenge : Window , I thought about sharing my favourite window pictures, view from the airplane window. Yes, I am a window person. But when trying to find the best airplane window picture, I stumbled into these pictures and decided to put them instead.

These are the China Mobile signs captured from the bus’ window during the road trip from Lhasa to Mt. Everest.  At first I was amazed that they have signal on the way to Mt. Everest but then I thought of it as a challenge (and a way to spend hours in the bus) to try to capture what was written on the sign from inside the moving bus.

My favourite will be the middle one, “Let’s work together to keep the sky blue and the water clear” as it was taken in an environment where the sky is blue and the water is clear. Hopefully the good memory will always be a self reminder to continuously try to do, no matter how small, action that can save the environment.


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