Thank you God for one weird Sunday

Yesus Kau Andalanku

Monday 00.28 – just arrived at home after one weird night.

Sunday 19.13

Arriving at the studio. It was movie watching time. It had been a while. Could not wait to see Cameron Diaz and Brad Pitt in The Counsellor. Chic Flick – just my kind of movie (or so I thought). Just sitting down, the light was not completely dark yet when I heard a church song vague-ly. It’s “Betapa Hatiku”. So I just randomly said “who has not turned off the ringtone?”. My friend told me “I think it’s yours”. So I opened my bag, checked my android. “No, it’s not mine. I don’t have church song as my ringtone.” My friend insisted “I think it’s yours.” So I checked on my blackberry, yes….turned out it randomly played the church song. I think I might I forget to lock the Blackberry.

The movie started. It turned out not a chic flick. It was a twisted movie, I did not like this kind of movie.

Sunday around 22ish.

On the way home. Driving by myself. The whole time, singing that church song I heard previously. Betapa Hatiku. The chorus said : “Pakailah hidupku, sebagai alatmu, seumur hidupku – Use my life as Your tools, all my life”

Still driving, I heard a very big noise, so I looked into the right mirror, near the driver side. It was a motorcycle falling down behind my car. “I don’t think I crash him, should I stop? Should I?” Whilst still continue driving slowly and thinking. Few motorcycles blocked my car. They told me to stop. So I stop, and pulled aside. Maybe they thought it was my fault? I got a little scared. I called my mom, the only phone number that I remembered is my home number. My mom told my driver to come to my place.

I rolled down my window. An angry man stood by my car door. “What’s wrong sir?” I asked. “I fell down from my motorcycle because I try not to hit your car, you turn too wide” said the man. “Are you ok?” I asked wordily. “I’m ok, but my wife is not,” he said. “I live nearby, could you please wait for a moment?” I pleaded. That minute, my driver arrived. He took over and I did not really remember the whole conversation.

The man called his friend, a couple arrived with a motorcycle. My driver took my car, we made a full u-turn to get to where his wife seated at the side of the road. My driver and I took his wife and the lady friend to a nearby hospital whilst The Man and the guy friend took their motorcycle to the hospital. I was quite scared, the wife looked pregnant. I prayed to God  “Please do not let anything happen to the baby, I don’t know how I can live moving forward if there is something wrong with the baby….”

To cut the story short: I paid for the x-rays, the doctor fees and the medicines. There was slightly problem with the ribs but the wife is freely to go home if she would like to. She needed to monitor her bruises and check if it become worse. My driver told The Man that he should think of this occurrence as a bad luck, as from my side, I had shown my goodwill by brought her to hospital and paid the fees although his motorcycle did not crash my car (he could be slip near my car?) so let’s end it here. We will not pay for future medical bills. The Man seemed ok with the arrangement, so we parted.

Arrived at home after midnight, I could not thank God enough that He sent my driver as my rescuer, that He prepared my heart by accidentally pushing that Blackberry song button in the cinema so that during the time I was driving home I was I continuously sang that religious song (I was scared but I was much more at ease when I heard that the wife was not pregnant). Hopefully this is His way in using me as His tool ….as the song said : “Pakailah hidupku, sebagai alatMu, seumur hidupku.”


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