Tetap Setia (Stays Faithful)

When they say people change, most of the time we don’t realize that we have changed. Until one day, we take time and look back and amazed how we have changed.

I used to read minimum one book per week during my high school years. Along the years, I have changed and I have just finished 2 books in these past six months *look down – ashamed*

Browsing through people’s blogs, I spent more time looking at pictures rather than reading long posts. Similar for listening to songs, melody comes first and lyrics…hm, not so important. I think that is why I can enjoy Korean songs without even knowing what they are talking about. Don’t ask me to participate on “Guess what is the title of the song from these lyrics” game.

Appreciation for lyrics just suddenly came few weeks ago during my retreat time. The lyrics of this song really speak to me. It represents what I want to say at the right time. Since then, I had new appreciation for lyrics (currently appreciation still limited to Christian songs).

I want to share this beautiful song, unfortunately my English translation does not do the lyrics justice so if anyone can help me with a better translation, it will be very much appreciated.

As the song put it very nicely, hopefully, throughout the changes in my life (what had happened and will happen) I will stay faithful to Lord Jesus until the end of time.


Lyrics : Sari Simorangkir

Music : Steve Tabalujan

Selidiki Aku, lihat hatiku

Apakah ‘Ku sungguh mengasihi Mu YESUS

Kau yang maha tahu dan menilai hidupku

Tak ada yang tersembunyi bagi MU


T’lah kulihat kebaikan Mu yang tak pernah habis di hidupku

‘Ku berjuang sampai akhirnya Kau dapati aku tetap setia

(Translation) Stays Faithful

Investigate and search my heart

Do I really love you Jesus

You know all and assess my life

There is nothing obscure for You


I have seen Your never ending kindness in my life

I will keep fighting until You finally find me stays faithful


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