A Fan Letter to Moon Chae Won

To the lovely Moon Chae Won,


Moon Chae Won @ KBS Drama Award 2012

I saw you the first time in “Nice Guy”. At first, I thought you were going to be the supporting actress instead of the main lead. This drama is so tiring. Definitely it is not my kind of drama, too complicated, emotionally exhausting to watch. It has all the aspects of soap opera that I do not like: murder, amnesia, backstabbing, etc. However, Eun Gi and Maru love story really has its own charm that I could not resist until the last episode of Nice Guy. Eun Gi’s sincerity and Ma ru ‘s unpredictable feelings toward Eun Gi kept me hooked to my laptop. And should I have more free time, this is going to be in my re-watch list.

I read your wikipedia biography http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moon_Chae-won

What an impressive track record that it showed. It made me wonder of your previous works. So I started by watching “The Princess’ Man”. Periodical drama series (except for Jewel in the Palace) have never been my preference. You definitely able to keep me watched this series until the end. Definitely a well deserved Best Couple Award for you and Park Si-hoo.

I also like your previous work of “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl“. Eun Chae Ryung’s transformation from a spoiled happy girl into a mature happy woman made my eyes teary for few episodes.

“Shining Inheritance” or “Brilliant Legacy” unfortunately was one of the series that I could not manage to finish. After the 10th episodes, I skipped to the last episode. I guess because you were not the main lead for the movie. Although in the last episode, you can still made me cry.

Looking back at your performances, I realized that you have shown many variety of characters: lovable, strong, hot tempered, brave, etc. However, in all of your dramas, I always shred some tears (I still have some series to watch though). I think your super power is the silent cry. Looking at your face, I was drawn to feel what your character was going through.

Moon Chae Won ssi, my challenge to you is to find a character that really can make me laugh and not even a slight sign of watery eyes. Also really hope to see you as Running Man’s guest star. Looking forward for your next project.


4 responses to “A Fan Letter to Moon Chae Won

  1. Thank you for this letter! Made me smile! :))
    A proud fan of MOON CHAE WON here! :DD

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