Running Man features Choi Si Won

Since I have so many Running Man episodes to catch up, I decided to start with the guests that I know. So my first one is Choi Si Won.

Definitely love Choi Siwon as Running Man guest.

There is something about Running Man that excites him, the spark in his eyes brings out his inner child.

Choi Si Won - Oh! My Lady

Choi Si Won – Oh! My Lady

1. Ep. 22 Christmas Special Episode

Guests: Choi Si Won and Kim Min Jong

Favorite part: special mission that required Kim Min Jong to judge other members performance.

 2. Ep. 75 – Idol Special

Guests: Choi Si-won (Super Junior), Hyorin (Sistar), Minho (Shinee), Sohee (Wonder Girls) and Sulli (f(x))

Favorite part: find the hidden mathematical function mission.

3. Ep. 135 – Running Man with Jackie Chan and Choi Si Won

Guests: Jackie Chan, Choi Si Won

Favorite part: during ask question and handing over the microphone.


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