One Day Jakarta

Jakarta Province (DKI Jakarta), has 6 cities (5 cities administration and 1 regency). West, East, North, South, and Central Jakarta with additional Kepulauan Seribu (Thousand Islands ? hm….no, it is not the salad dressing).

I have just realized that I’ve brought my guests (3 young ladies from China, around 20ish) to all 5 Jakarta in a day trip. Yihaaaa…..( very proud of myself although it might not their best trip nor the best itinerary possible but they can say they have been around Jakarta).

So, let’s start the journey.

My guests stayed at Kuningan (in Central Jakarta). Early morning, around 8, I picked them up and we headed to our first stop.

1. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII / Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park) in East Jakarta

This is the place where you can visit Indonesia’s 34 provinces (some provinces are still under construction since they are newer one) traditional houses in just few hours. There are a lot of museums too (around 16 museums such as Stamps Museums, Transportation Museums, Indonesian Komodo Museums) although we did not enter any of the museums. There is also a waterpark (Snow Bay) inside,  that I visited in different occasion.

This is good for those with big groups who love to take pictures. The entrance fee was very cheap (some museums might require additional entrance fee) around 6 dollars for 5 people in 1 car. We don’t use any tour guide because I read wikipedia and try to remember all the information I learnt in primary school regarding our provinces (there were only 27 provinces during my primary school years) and be my guests’ guide, but a tour guide might be available (ask the office).

Need to enter: West Sumatra Traditional House – this is the one with volunteer whom you can ask, other houses are unattended.

We visited one traditional house from each Islands and took pictures, so the trip was a brief one.

Inside Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Inside Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

2. Kota Tua (Old City) – Central Jakarta

There are several museums located at Kota Tua in Central Jakarta. I had visited some of them on previous occasions (Museum Bank Mandiri, Museum Bank Indonesia, Museum Wayang, Museum Fatahillah). This time, my guests and I only visit Museum Bank Indonesia due to time constraint. I chose Museum Bank Indonesia because it has the best air condition among the other museums, and…it was quite a hot day ^^.

Since this is my third of fourth time inside the museum, so it wasn’t as exciting for me as when the first time I visited there. I don’t know whether because it was weekday (previously I always visited during weekends) or because I have not been there for a while, but some of the high technology attraction was off. However, I really think my 3 guests like it. I took some pictures for them, especially inside the gold safe and the multi country money room.

We took a stroll at the square across the museum and try the Jakarta traditional snack: Kerak Telor (made from egg and rice). There are chicken egg and duck egg, I prefer the duck egg. Too bad the Square is not as pretty as it used to be. A man asked us for money whilst we enjoy our food, really a turn off. I treat him kerak telor instead.

When should you go to Kota Tua? If you are staying in Central Jakarta, like to take pictures, and have limited time, this is definitely a must go place. Also if you would like to try Kerak Telor, come here. Kerak Telor is not sold everywhere, rather hard to find. There is one in Urban Kitchen at Senayan City mall, but still, the taste is not as good as the one you find here.

Since my guests would like to try Indonesian Foods, I took them to Padang Restaurant, just around the left corner of the square. Padang Food mostly spicy and curry, though none of us a big fans of spice but we survive and the tastes was good too. The server will put a lot of food on the table, don’t try all, because you will be charged for all foods that you try. Just try the one you are planning to finish.

Total Cost spent in Kota Tua: 10 USD / 4 people – 8.5 USD for the foods, around 1.5 for the Kerak Telor (we share one among four of us) and free entrance to the Indonesian Bank Museum.

3. Sea World in Samudera Jaya Ancol – North Jakarta

This one was picked by my guests. I was not a big fan of Sea World across the globe, definitely never been to Sea World in Singapore or anywhere else so I cannot compare. This might be one of the most expensive among the other places we’ve been. We need to pay some money to enter the Ancol area (sorry I forgot the exact amount) and pay 5 USD/person to get into the Sea World.

We watch the worker gave foods to the sharks. They speak in Indonesian though. Also took some beautiful pictures inside.

Inside SeaWorld

Inside SeaWorld

4. Warung Kopi at Central Park Mall – West Jakarta

We finally visited a mall. I would like my guests to try some traditional snacks, so we visited Warung Kopi (it is inside of Alun-Alun, just asked the reception where exactly is this place). They have some sofas in the department store, but do open the wood door, the place inside is much nicer to have a good conversation. They also sell “Jamu” – Indonesian Herbal Drink. I like the “Sari Asam” for drink (it is sour though but I found it refreshing). For foods I usually order Mie Kangkung. As for snack the Bitterballen, risoles, singkong goreng with sambal Roa, and jajanan pasar.

5. Senayan City – South Jakarta

My guests finally off to Senayan City (another mall) in South Jakarta to have some dinner with my dad (they were actually my dad’s guests) before going back to their place in Kuningan. Nothing really special in deciding the place except for convenient reason.

However, they did go around Jakarta in one day. Yeaaaa…..

PS: We were lucky because the traffic definitely very friendly on that day. I was very pessimist that we can visit 5 places in Jakarta within a day. You will need to hire a driver and a car to get around Jakarta in the day. It was quite far away between places above.


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