How to stay young without Botox?

This is definitely not a first hand experience, I’m actually not that old (*wink*grin*).

I have just met a lady, around 74 of age last week. Someone I know from the church. I’m not saying she looks fifties, maybe she will pass for sixties (too bad I did not take picture, otherwise you can judge for yourself). She is in good health, she said that her cholesterol and sugar level are in tact.  So what’s the recipe? Eat right, sleep right, and laughs….

I do believe, besides good genes, happiness will make one looks younger than one really is. These are 5 Ways to Be Happy that has been around in the net, I’m sure everyone know about these ways.

  1. Free your heart from hatred
  2. Free your mind from worries
  3. Live simply
  4. Give more
  5. Expect less

These definitely are not as easy to do as these are written.

Free your heart from hatred, means we have to be able to forgive, some times, some words put nails in our heart. No Worries? wow, that’s what my long life dream. Live simply, what does it mean? Can I live without my laptop and my iPad? No text messages, Twitter, Facebook, Blackberry Messages, Whatsapps? Give more … I want to, but haven’t give as much as I want to. Expect less? I guess I do have less expectation when I’m traveling, that maybe why I am the most happy during travel time (^_^)

What I want to say is, I do believe that those five ways can bring happiness when we implement it in our life, but whilst we are still exercising doing them, there is a short term solution: watch Running Man (*grin*)

I know about this Korean variety show a little bit to late, so I have time to watch one episode per day to catch up and have a good laugh. Hopefully this will work so that I can make a book 30 years from now with my recipe of staying young without Botox (^_^)

Today’s Running Man suggestion:

Episode 22 – Christmas Special Episodes.

Guest Stars: Choi SiWon and Kim Min Jong (stars of Kdrama “Athena” – 2010)

I chose this episode because I was looking for SiWon as guest stars and surely provides some good laughs.

Enjoy !

Running Man 22


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