Have you ever….? (Things to do when you have nothing to do)

This is just another of my random writings. I know….I need to focus on a topic, write with a proper grammar. Well, I’m just someone with many interests who write this to put down my scrambling thoughts.

So, for those random people out there, this is my Have You Ever list. When you got bored, you might want to visit this writing, put in your list, make a plan and cross it out.

1. Tandem Skydive

So lucky, I got a chance to do tandem skydive in Chicago, a long long time ago. Something that you must try at least once, this will continuously motivate you in life. Those five seconds when I decided to push my feet out of the plane will stuck forever with me. Whenever I got scared, I will always tell myself: “If I can do that, why I cannot do this?”

No regrets

No regrets


Take the Leap

2. Took a Trip to Tibet

I went there from Beijing. Took the train (2 days with no showers), took great pictures and learn to appreciate the simplest things in life. Definitely want to go back, this time through Bhutan Nepal (hopefully).

Breathtaking. The greatness of God's creation.

Breathtaking. The greatness of God’s creationsOTW to Mt. Everest Basecamp


3.  Fired through the air …(?)

What do you call this picture? Slingback? After you get inside of this thing, it will bounce you to the sky. This is in my to do list that I cannot manage to cross out. I’ve tried bungee jumping, paragliding, but this one, ouch….why I have no gut to do this? I guess,…..I’m getting old.

Fired into the air

Fired into the air

4. Listen to these Korean songs?

These are Korean songs from my playlist today. Mostly soundtracks with happy jumpy tunes. Took this from youtube, if you found any link has been deleted, please let me know.

Girl’s Generation (Twinkle Twinkle)

Love Marriage OST    (As One)

Park Ji Yoon (I don’t know the title of the song, it’s in Korean ^^)

Jang Nara (Sweet Dream)

Fin.k.l (True Love)

5. Discovery Diving

Similar to tandem skydive, discovery diving is when you try scuba dive with a master dive holding you. I tried this in Tulamben, Bali a long time ago. I don’t need to take any license, just few hours learning. Well, though nothing happened during my discovery diving (no fell out mask, run out of oxygen, met sharks, or anything), this has made me realized diving is not for me. Prefer the sky rather than the sea.


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