1-2-3 Beginner’s Guide to KDrama world

This is my KDrama suggestions to those who would like to start watching KDrama but have no clue from where to start (as per April 2013).

If you answer yes to all of these questions, then you and I have the same taste in movie and you can confidently follow my KDrama suggestions.

1. A big fan of Julia Robert’s movies especially Notting Hill, My Best Friend’s wedding, Runaway Bride and Pretty Woman

2. Josh Duhamel’s movies will be put under “To Watch List”

3. Hugh Grant, Meg Ryan, Cutting Edge, Clueless, You’ve Got Mail, One Fine Day, Something’s Gotta Give, Life as We Know It, The Proposal were watched more than once.

4. Crazy on Happy Ending. If it’s not a happy ending, hm, probably not going to be on my list.

Reading the above list, I feel so ancient. Anyway, for younger generations who do not understand what the above list is all about, just take your chance following my suggestions below (I watched mostly from gooddrama.net or dramacrazy.net, some times from dailymotion.com) :

1. Full House – Rain & Song Hye Kyo

The recent release of “Full House Take 2” does not do it for me. After watching few episodes of Full House Take 2, I decided to re-watched Full House. Full House is quite ancient compared to the rest of the lists, a 2004 KDrama series from KBS. I have just re-watched the series this month and it can surely still has its magic. The story is about a contract marriage between wanna be writer and an actor. 16 episodes.

Song Hye Kyo

2. My Daughter Seo Young

Watch this only when you have unlimited time. 50 episodes. I watched this accidentally on TV, finally I browsed and start watching from episode 25. It is one of my favorite series that I start over from episode 1 and watch several episodes more than one time. I never thought that I will like this one so much since there are not so many buzz on this one. I have never heard about the actresses or the actors before (note that I’m a beginner in this Kdrama World) and had hard time remembering Korean Names (read: How to Remember Korean Names on my January’13 archive).

There are several love stories from several couples, stories about regular daily dating marriage lives. You probably can relate your story to one of the characters’.

Seo Young is living a hard life. Kang Woo Jae, who comes from a rich family, likes her so much that he wants to marry her. Seo Young made a mistake by disowning her own father. Will Kang Woo Jae accept Seo Young’s deception? This is just one of the love stories.

The story line is quite simple, there is no over the top deception or over the top hatred. There are no super good vs super evil characters in the movie but surely a movie that I will re-watch again if time is not a factor.

Lee Sang Yoon

3. Cheongdamdong Alice

I was browsing through the synopsis to find what to watch and stumble to Cheongdamdong Alice. Nothing fancy, I always thought that Cinderella story will work for me no matter where the story takes place or who are the actors. A story about a young striving designer wanna be who wants to be accepted in Seoul most prestigious neighborhood. She looks young and naive, but is she? – 16 episodes.

4. A Gentleman’s Dignity

I watched this because of Jang Dong Gun, of course. The very first time I watch KDrama was “All About Eve” where Jang Dong Gun was the main lead actor. It is a fun movie about four best friends in their 40s, one married and 3 singles and their love stories. Easy to Watch and I loved the soundtrack High High. 21 episodes.

5. Nice Guy / Innocent Man

This is one of the popular dramas in 2012. I watched this because it was in the popular list. I don’t know why I like this one. Unlike “My Daughter Seo Young” the story line is full of deceptions. Rather a heavy story line for my usual taste. I guess I just fell for Soo Jong Ki and Moon Chae Woon love story here.  Many tears fell down (unfortunately my tears are rather easily pop up) and emotionally exhausted. That’s why I put this in my list to watch if you are broken hearted (read my archive: KDrama and how to mend a broken heart). 20 episodes.

Moon Chae Woon - Soo Jong Ki

Moon Chae Woon – Soo Jong Ki


I don’t think it is classified under  KDrama, but this is just too cute not to mention: We Got Married – Nichkhun Victoria episodes.


We Got Married is a Korean reality show, I have not seen other couples episodes. Nichkhun and Victoria (Khuntoria) are the first We Got Married episodes that I ever watch (released in 2010-2011). Both of them…..kyopta….

Nichkhun Victoria (Khuntoria)

Nichkhun Victoria (Khuntoria)


If you have watched the earlier version of KDrama versus the recent one, what is your thought about it?

I have not realized it until I watched “King of Dramas” – good early episodes, rather fall back at the later episodes – Product Placement is rather obvious in recent series, especially Handphone ^^. Don’t you agree?


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