Food Guide in Nusa Dua and surroundings

These are the simple maps that my brother drew for me. Feel free to use it. It is in Indonesian though, so if you can’t read it, you can always choose the alternative: Hire a Driver ^^

Several of my favorites foods (you can find the place in one of the maps):

1. Makbeng – One menu only (or maybe 2) – Fish only

2. Warung bu Oki – Ayam Betutu – around 15,000 IDR

3. Sari Mertha – Fish – around 15,000 IDR

4. Warung pak Dobiel – Balinese Pork – around 30,000 IDR

5. Kat’s Kitchen – Thailand foods – try #46 – Pork

6. Tapeo – quite pricey compared to the first 5, inside Beachwalk mall, good view, Spanish Tapas

7. Echo Beach House – in Echo Beach, the seafood grill is nice but the way to go there, hm…..need many stops and asking around.

8. last but not least, Novotel Nusa Dua Pork Ribs Tabanan Style (if you are staying at Novotel Nusa Dua).

Murah Meriah sekitar Nusa Dua

Murah Meriah sekitar Nusa Dua

Kat's Kitchen (Conrad to Ayana)

Kat’s Kitchen (Conrad to Ayana)

Menuju Pia Legong

Menuju Pia Legong


Echo Beach without GPS ^^Echo Beach without GPS ^^



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