Kdrama and How to Mend a Brokenheart

Ladies, if you are looking tips on How to mend a brokenheart, then you look at the wrong article. Please go to this link instead: http://psychcentral.com/blog/archives/2011/02/18/10-tips-to-mend-a-broken-heart/

Everyone has their own way on dealing with brokenhearted, moments of distress, or whatever you might call it. Time and Prayers are two best friends for me.

However, whilst time might take a while and prayers will need some time, may I suggest an alternative method of watching Kdrama to try? It might not suit you, you might not have the time, but give it a try. Take one or two days off, lock yourself in a room and watch Kdrama marathon.

Some suggested dramas: Endless Love, Innocent Man (Nice Guy), The King of Baking. Try to find a love story drama (most of Kdrama is). After you cried your heart out, put some make up (unless you are confident enough to go out with those puffy eyes), take a stroll and get some fresh air.

Hopefully, you are now ready, to let time and prayers put smile back in your heart.


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