Rich Man Poor Woman: The comeback of Japanese Drama

The title is not representing the history of Japanese Drama in general, it is representing the history of Japanese Drama in my lifetime.

I fell in love with Japanese Drama years ago, when there was the time of Tokyo Love Story, Ordinary People, etc….(outside the anime such as Saint Seiya that I also liked). After that era, I hardly watch Japanese Drama. I called this era Dubbed Television Drama, because I watched them in Indonesian (my mother language).

Few years later, it was the time of Korean Drama such as All About Eve, Hotelier, Endless Love, etc. This era also coincided with Taiwanese Drama i.e. Meteor Garden. This was the era of VCD Time.

I stopped watching TV Drama for quite some time. Once in a while, I watched very popular Korean series such as Full House or Taiwanese series such as Dolphin Bay. This is the DVD Time.

Not until few months back that I started watching Television Drama once more. I would say this era is Streaming Time. I watch most of the drama series online. My favorite website that every Drama Series fan must visit:

To cut the story short, I don’t watch Japanese Drama because I know none of the actors and I thought mostly are expressionless (sorry). I tried to re-watch Tokyo Love Story online, and unfortunately I liked the dubbed one better so I did not finish it. I was looking through the popular drama and this title catch my attention. 11 episodes, not too long, and there can be no wrong with Cinderella Story, right?

So I decided to give it a try, and I must say….it is the comeback of Japanese Drama in my life. Pleaseeee, give me suggestion so I don’t stop watching Japanese drama again. I like romantic comedy, no horror or sad stories please ^^


Why you should watch this movie:

1. Only 11 episodes. It has a fast storyline, the lies will be revealed after only few episodes.

2. A refreshing storyline after watching many Korean Dramas. More realistic. The bad guy is not so evil, someone that I can relate to.

Enough said, looking forward to have your suggestions on List of Japanese Dramas to watch.

To tell you the truth, always answering to people’s expectations .. it was tough” – Asahina Kosuke

Most people don’t really know what they’re doing, but they still enter university then they enter a company, do something within their capabilities, then they reflect and think ‘maybe this is the work I really want to do'” – Natsui Makoto


4 responses to “Rich Man Poor Woman: The comeback of Japanese Drama

  1. hi there 🙂
    you should watch Shitsuren Chocolatier, Zettai Kareshi, Hana yori Dango (if you haven’t seen yet o.O ), and Paradise Kiss (movie)
    Hope you’ll like them ^_^

    • Thank you, I will take a look at your suggestions. I haven’t watched Jdorama for a while now. The last one was First Class. I like it but it took around 2 months for the last episode to have the English translation. Any web specialised in Jdrama? My current web for online streaming all are big supporter of Kdrama ^^ : dramabay and gooddrama

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