Exploring the Freelance World #1 : Event Photographer


The venue

I decided to take a break from the corporate world. During my break, I spent most of my time browsing, and decided to try freelancing. I will share my freelancing experiences in different posts.

Event Photographer

A friend of mine got a gig to organize a 40-year old pretty lady’s birthday party. Her friend who supposedly be the photographer were out of the country so she asked me. I thought, why not, I might like becoming an event photographer. Of course, since this is my first time, I asked a friend of mine, another photography lover,  to come along and help out.

The positive: a new experience, had a great time taking pictures and editing them.

The negative: depends on the client.client.client.

Will I do it again? Yes, but not for a birthday party and not for money. I would love to be asked taking holiday pictures, somewhere outdoor. Will not charge anything though, the pressure of providing the flawless photo are taking out the fun in capturing the events. Just pay for my accommodation and transport, that would be enough.


The Birthday Cake


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