How to remember Korean Names?

Choi Si Won

Choi Si Won

Lee Sang Yoon

Lee Sang Yoon

I really do not understand how people can remember all those Korean movie stars and singers names. Although I have some favorites, but the name that I remember is the older name such as Jang Dong Gun or Chae Rim (now you can guess my age).

Although I give same score for these actors below, it took less time to remember Choi Siwon, but I always need to browse “my daughter seo young” to remember Lee Sang Yoon name. Any one can explain this phenomenon?

Anyway anyhow, my theory is like this: I can remember the name faster if I it has English word pronunciation, in this case Won (as in past tense of win). Whilst for Sang Yoon name, although past tense of Sing is Sang, but the pronunciation for Sang Yoon in my understanding is Sung (past participle for sing) + Youn…..hei, I found the English word for Sang Yoon. Let’s see if I can still remember the name few weeks from now.


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