O-Tokyo: #3 Haneda’s nearby hotel: Toyoko Inn


If you are arriving at Haneda late at night like I do, try this nearby hotel to sleep over for one night: Toyoko-Inn. They have a free shuttle bus from Haneda airport, make sure to ask the officer at Haneda as fast as you land regarding the time for the shuttle. The shuttle arrives 2 minutes before it’s scheduled time (sorry I forgot the time) and takes off precisely on the minutes it is scheduled to take off.

This is not a paid writing, but I do really enjoy my Toyoko Inn stay. As my first “Stay in Japan Experience” I did find some amusing things in this place. These are not all, feel free to add if you have a chance to stay there.

Check out my photos below:

1. Free night gown (no need to bring your PJs for one night)

Free night gowns


2. Free amenities for ladies

Free amenities


3. Check in Machine

Check In Machine











4. Equipment to iron your trouser


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