O-Tokyo: #2 – KitKat Hunting from Tokyo to Kyoto

Before I even come to Tokyo, I know that I want to buy green tea KitKat. There is only one or two flavors of KitKat in Indonesia, where I live. 

Accidentally, I found a RumRaisin KitKat in the stores. Hm, looks yummy so my travel mates and I bought one each for 840 yen per package. And then, we found the brown sugar syrup flavor taste, so each of us bought one package too. Before we realized, we ended up buying 8 different flavors of KitKat.  


Anyone who is planning to go to Japan and collecting the different KitKat flavors, my tips:

1. Look at the Kiosk on the train station (especially the train station for Shinkansen) and of course the airport or Newdays store. Usually each place has their own specialty. Not all KitKat available on each store. Some stores only sell one or two KitKat flavors, with stores in Haneda airport is the winner with selling three flavors: macha, sakura macha, and strawberry (now we regret that we did not get the strawberry one because we think it is just a usual flavor)

2. If there are 2 sizes, choose the big one, it cost 840 yen whilst the small one is 740 yen  — the 740 is the two small packages (except the pink one) in the picture.

3. If it’s for gift, buy the one in the airport for 1500 yen (they consist of small KitKat packages inside and on the back of the package you can write your message) — I bought the Sakura macha one, the small pink one in the picture.

Happy KitKat Hunting !


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