O-Tokyo : #1 – Questions on Japan – Why o Why ?

If you are a Japanese, someone who has been in Japan, have a Japanese friend, or just know how to answer my questions below, just put comment guys. These questions occur during my trip to Japan, 4 nights in Tokyo and 1 night in Kyoto.

PS: If you are planning to go to Japan, let me know if you have the same questions as I did ^^

Q.1. Why the sky in Tokyo seems extremely high compared to other place such as jakarta or LCCT Kuala Lumpur? Is it because of the building? Or is it because I’m coming at the end of October?

Tokyo Sky

Is it only me who feels so short being in Japan – look at the sky, so high….

Q.2. My observation on Tokyo ladies – can anyone confirm? Single women wear 10 cm above knee shorts or skirts, Mom or married women wear knee length shirt, Older women wear trousers, all others (by this I mean tourists or non Tokyo ladies or someone working in non japanese company) wear jeans

Q.3. I have to admire how people queue in Japan. The line on the escalator is very neat, all standing on the left and the right side is available for those in hurry. Why people in Kyoto sometime standing on the right and sometime standing on the left? Is it because more tourists in Kyoto?

Q.4. All the service people are super polite in Japan. Even the Airport Limousine porter (those who takes out our luggage from the bus and put it on the pavement) bow their head before the bus stop and when the bus is going to leave. But why I hardly found people give seat to elderly in the JR loop in Tokyo ( surprisingly, I found people give seat to elderly more in Singapore instead of Tokyo) ?

Q.5. I always thought people in Tokyo walk super fast, but found that their pace is just ok. Hongkies (Hongkong people) or Chinese (in Beijing or Shanghai) walk faster than Japanese. Considering that I stay in Shinjuku, which is one of the busiest place in Tokyo (or so I assume) …Why? Are they getting slower as their economic is?

Ok, I leave my questions at this. Let me know if anyone has any answers.


One response to “O-Tokyo : #1 – Questions on Japan – Why o Why ?

  1. Not exactly a well informed or researched answers but here are my thoughts

    Q 1: how tall is monas and lctt?
    Tokyo sky tree is about 360m
    Maybe it’s a clever optical illusion

    Q 2: lol, good observation, the young people are fashionable and more feminine ie the skirts, i was told the women really care about how they look thus the ‘touch up’ or ‘make up’ designated area in most restroom, even have a cafe that combine make up desk and cafe.

    Q 3: in kyoto, people stand on the left of escalator and right line is for traffic. It is how it is in kansai i think, or just kyoto i am not sure.

    Q 4: really? That i do not know, will see myself next year

    I wouldnt even ask this questions when travelling anywhere lol, you are a good observer

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