HCMC – with my sister

It’s half an hour before take off. My sister and I are waiting in the line to get through the passport checking at terminal 3. The guy in front of us is borrowing my pen. My sister already impatience, afraid of getting left behind. It’s 20 more minutes to the take off time and we are still in line….I never once afraid the plane will take off without us. With those lines, I’m sure there are many other people behind us…what a trip we’re gonna have. These two personalities, 4 days together.

4 hours later, we finally arrived. Indonesians are friendly. Met 3 indonesians in a plane
and a japanese whom we share cab.

My hotel in ben than area is pretty nice. Truong Hai Hotel. Entering the lobby, and there is
the guy, who borrowed my pen, and his spouse just checking in the same hotel…so weird.

After checking out the hotel for a while, we go to surrounding ben thahn market to get some food. So we found a stall and order some foods. While we are waiting, the couple we meet in the hotel lobby, sit down next to our table. How weird is that? Three coincidences in a day, and i thought meetings like this only happen in a movie.



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