One night in Garut

Garut is a city around 2 hrs driving from Bandung or 3.5 – 4 hrs from Jakarta. I’m quite confused when my friend suggest us to visit Garut. Spending most of my childhood summer holidays at Garut, I do not remember it as a tourists place. Well, why not, at least I can meet my long-time-no-see relatives 🙂 …so the trip begins…

Too bad, I’m not good with directions. I cannot help you how to get there, so please google it. After you go pass Bandung, definitely you need to stop by at Asep’s Strawberries. This is a very big restaurant, with lots of activities for children. The place and the foods are good.
It has several branches, I visited the first and second one, definitely go to the first one, the one in Naggrek. It is lot bigger than the other branches.

Several activities I do in Garut:
1. shopping around for “Garutan” or Garut batik. There are two stores that stand out for me and my friends: Batik Tulen at Ciledug due to its price and batik Rasya

2. dinner or lunch at mulih k’desa or kampung sampireun

3. Hot water bath at one of the resorts in Cipanas area

4. Shopping for leather products at Sukaregang (just ask around when you arived in the city, Garut is not that big)

5. kupat tahu for breakfast

So, that what we can do for one night at Garut, definitely need to go for more.
For more info on Garut:
Have a good time and please share your experiences.


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