Weekend gateway – Tidung Island

Starting point at Pelabuhan Muara Angke, the boat leave around 6 am, waiting for the passengers filling out the space. Around 50 people can fit in the boat. We can choose to sit inside or up on the barrack. I couldn’t handle the smell of the petroleum so I chose to stay at the upper part of the boat. I always love the blowing wind. The day was perfect for someone who want to get tanned. You have the bright sun for the next 2.5 – 3 hours of the boat ride.

the view from the boat - Regatta

Arriving just before 10 am, the travelers (me and few friends) going to Pak Aji’s Losmen Lima Saudara(085888742129). A friend has booked the place for all of us and Pak Aji accompany us to his other home. For 500 thousand rupiah a night, we get a 3 bedroom house with a tv and 2 fans. With 2 bathroom, thhe house is quite big, can manage to have 15 people inside. With that many people inside the house, do expect to sleep on the mat and not on the bed.

After having our breakfast (nasi goreng), we walk around the neighborhood to find bicycle rentals. With the growing of blogging, there are many local tourists coming to Tidung. We find it difficult to rent bikes since most of the bikes are booked already. Luckily we can find some though not all of us can rent a bike. After renting the bike, we go back to the house, eat our lunch and with the help of Pak Aji, we rent snorkeling equipments including the boat.

 Payung Island and Tidung Kecil, here we come. The view of Payung island underwater is good, if you have no snorkeling experience. Being in Karimun Jawa before, sadly I have to say it’s an ok view. Moving to Tidung Kecil, the view is better. At least some of the corals are still alive. But unfortunately, we came to late…the wave is making me sea sick and I stay at the boat most of the time.

We miss the sunset…too bad…enjoy our barbecue  til 10 pm and ran back to the home. Wake up at 5 am the next morning, go to the bridge to take some pictures and wait for the sunrise. Eat “Indomie Goreng” on the way back to our house …yummy….Go around the island with our bike (very fun) til 11 am when we start packing and go to the port. We arrive at the boat just in time, since it is raining hard, we sit inside the boat. One of my worst experience in a boat, seasick the whole time…..

Overall, it is a cheap weekend gateway, total trip cost less than 250,000 a person. If you have nothing to do on weekend, go visit Tidung Island. Better do it now, I do not know how long before the beaches got polluted.


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