Island Hopping at Karimun Jawa

Karimun Jawa consists of 27 islands, so I’ve been told. The biggest island called Karimun Jawa. To get there, you will need to take a ferry, either from Semarang or from Jepara. Do make sure to make reservation, especially during long weekends. Check out this web to find out more on the ferry schedule .

Like everything else in life, you can choose on how you want to spend your holiday, splurge or save. My first time in Karimun, I choose the second one. With a group of people, I took Kartini Ferry from Pelabuhan Tanjung Emas Semarang to Karimun Island. There are several hostels that look clean that you can choose to stay over. This time, I am lucky enough to spend the night at a private island.

the crib

the crib

The Island, dunno who own this place since the group leader has arranged everything for me, has 3 bungalows, one of them as pictured on the left. Several locals are staying in the island and preparing food for our large group. Additional 1.5 hours by boat from Karimun is needed to go to our private island.

On the second day of the trip, we managed to go to 4 islands, too bad I don’t remember all the name. I do remember seruni and cendekia…but forgot the other two. Those two islands are not as often mentioned as Menjangan but the view…are unbelievable. Too bad I did not bring my camera.

Anyhow, lessons learnt for my next trip: don’t forget sunblock – sunblock and sunblock. It hurts if you miss applying sunblock all over visible part. Do bring your camera, if you have underwater camera is much better. The view are soooo memorable. Last but not least, book your ferry ticket beforehand. Have a great memorable trip at Karimun.

ps: Check out Indonesian Traveler on Facebook if you want to see awesome pictures of Karimun ( my regret is not being able to capture Karimun with my camera, but definitely the memories will last in my heart)


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