Beach Hopping in Bali

Lilo Beach Bali

Lilo Beach Bali

No matter how often I visit Bali, there is always new place to go to. Being in Bali always leave good memories.

During this trip, the theme is beaches.

First one is Lilo beach in Uluwatu. The color of the water cannot be described. It beyonds beautiful. You need to pay around 15 USD to enter the restaurant called Di mare. With 15 USD, you can go down to the beach. Though the water is very tempting for swimming, the chairs are also very tempting for reading book and then fell asleep.

Echo Beach

Echo Beach

Second one is Echo beach in Canggu. Go to The Beach House – hard to find hard to forget. You need to find a driver with experienced bringing many surfers to the beach, otherwise, like its motto it is hard to found. Though I cannot surf so I cannot advise you whether this beach is good for surfing, but lots of surfer are surfing in this place. Not only good for surfers, the beach is also very nice for swimming due to its soft sands.

Go to Geger Beach in Nusa Dua last year, you only need one dollar to rent a chair, this time, you need almost 3 dollars. It might due to the newly open St. Regis Hotel.

Geger Beach

Geger Beach

Like the other two beaches, I feel the need to go swiming here. The water is slightly colder with almost no tide, the water is perfect for swimming whilst the sun is perfect for sunbathing.

Going to Bali, where there are so many beaches to go and so many places to hang out, there are always reasons for coming back to Bali. Until next time and next beaches.


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