House of Sampoerna – Surabaya

How many ladies?

How many ladies?

The moment I step on the plane to Surabaya, House of Sampoerna is on my to go list. One question always bothering me, who is the owner of the place, really? Is it Philip Morris who bought the Sampoerna Cigarretes Company or the Sampoerna family? Luckily, the tour guide at the place helps me answered my question, at least I can now go home peacefully ^^. Entering the place, the smells of tobacco filled up the air. For me, it brings up fun nice memories since my grandfather used to sell tobaccos. The smell reminds me of my childhood holiday in my grandpa’s home. Though one of the tourists wrote in the comments book, the place will be much better without the weird smell, I think otherwise, the place will be much worse without it. The smell of tobacco is the essence of place. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t smoke. No one in my family smoke ( I think my brother is a social smoker, but I have never seen him smoke at home, this is my assumption). I don’t like being seated in smoking area in a restaurant, and I hate people who smoked in an air conditioned place or mall (Please people, be considerate with others!). But the smell of tobacco, it is different with the smell of cigarretes, especially the burned one ^^.

Inside the place, there are hundreds (maybe thousands? I’m not good with estimation, do see the pics and make your own estimation) women rolling up the tobaccos into cigarrete. They are doing it very fast, with rythm, feels like watching someone dancing ^^.

Too bad my available time was too short since I need to catch up my plane, so no time to visit the cafe. Hopefully, there will be next time to visit this place. Must go if you visit Surabaya.

Ups….before I forget, so the place is owned by the Sampoerna family and Philip Morris is renting the place and running the factory (according to the tour guide).


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